Preventing International Parental AbductionPreventing
                    International Parental Abduction

ABP World Group specializes in preventing international parental abduction.  Unfortunately, the number of children, who have suffered from parental abduction, has risen significantly in recent years. The rise can be explained by the growing divorce rate among international marriages. More and more children are being born to families with parents of different nationalities.

Parentally abducted children are absconded from their homes, made to live under false names and moved around to avoid detection.  These children can grow up unhappy and disappointed after the loss of a parent. Abductions can cause issue for a child’s normal development.

Parental Abduction Violates International Law

Parental kidnapping, or moving a child from the United States to another country with the intent to keep him/her away from other parent is in direct conflict with US law and is considered a federal crime.  Parents found guilty of parental abduction face felony charges and can be imprisoned for several years.

Long Term Effect on the Lives of Parentally Abducted Children

The United States and a number of other countries provide annual reports on international parental kidnapping. The most up-to-date statistics show that cases of international parental abduction have become common in many countries around the globe. The incidents often happen at the beginning stage of divorces or during custody battles. Children can be made to suffer when couples separate.

Kidnapped children can become insulated from the society. They aren’t given the opportunity to communicate with other members of their family, or friends. In order to stay hidden from authorities, abducted children don’t regularly attend school. Very often children are made to change their names and conceal their birth dates.

It has been shown that disputes between parents have a negative impact on emotional and physical health of children. Parental abduction has been shown to cause numerous psychological problems such as eating disorders, sleep disorders and nightmares. Parental kidnapping is a serious problem for society. We should unite to prevent and resolve international parental abduction.

How ABP World Group Can Help.

The main mission of ABP World Group is to help parents who face the problem of international parental kidnapping. The specialists provide people with legal advice and litigation support regarding parental kidnapping. ABP World Group works globally and has offices worldwide. We are experienced in investigating and monitoring active international parental kidnapping cases to help its our clients locate, and recover their kidnapped children. Please contact us for a free consultation if you are concerned about preventing international parental abduction.