ABP World Group is a Global Security and Child Recovery Organization

Parental Abduction / Kidnapping by Parent:

Tragically International parental abduction has reached global epidemic proportions. According to leading experts the increase in inter-racial marriages and relationships will, in the future, lead to a significant rise in the number of children born to parents of different nationalities.

Parental Abduction – As is true for all relationships, a statistically significant number of these marriages or partnerships will also end in divorce. All too often, following the breakup of a marriage, one of the parents will abduct a child of that relationship against the wishes of the other parent, frequently removing them to a country where the child has probably never lived. This is called “International Parental Child Abduction”.

Although there are various civil remedies available to parents of abducted children, the challenges regarding parental abduction are enormous, including first and foremost, locating the child.

Unfortunately for the majority of targeted parents, the financial burden involved in recovery and litigation falls upon their shoulders. With tens of thousands of children abducted by parents each year, the reality is that too many of these children never come home. ABP World Group is dedicated to assisting those parents who need help in locating, rescuing, and returning their abducted child home safely. We offer worldwide services regarding parental abduction or recovery of children that has suffered from parental kidnapping.