Onshore Security

ABP World Group is a Global Security and Child Recovery Organization

Onshore Security:

ABP World Group can provide onshore security on several levels. We base our work on companies’ different needs concerning security installations, guards, employers’ and transport security.

ABP will provide plans and procedures to increase security on all levels but before any implementation, ABP will also carry out required security drills for employers, employees as well as for security personnel

Example of ABP’s tools to increase security:


  • Gathering and analyzing of intelligence information
  • Planning of secured procedures
  • Establishing and implementing security plans for each actual installation
  • Conducting drills for all personnel at the site/installation
  • Providing security within different areas

Providence security on different levels. ABP works closely with different companies and local governments.

ABP works close with the different companies and local governments. This type of work requires a blend of cooperation and understanding.